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ALICIA WHITNEY - Columbia University

"Within the first few weeks of my knowing him, Nickson was an instant inspiration - he rallied our cohort at Columbia University around the Oromo people before most of us even knew one another’s names. His commitment to activism and service is infectious in the best possible way, and has inspired myself and others to be better people and better social workers. Knowing him is an immense privilege."


ESTHER YERIN LEE - Columbia University

“Nickson’s life is an inspiration to me and his heart amazes me tenfold. His perseverance and passion for organizing is grounded in empowering the most marginalized people and making sure they receive equitable treatment. He is a social worker through and through, and most importantly, Nickson shows up.”


IRENE OSEI - Columbia University

“I decided to reach out to Nick after seeing his work and passion on Facebook because not many Africans do that. Upon speaking to Mr. Oguttu I discovered that although he has very little, he is passionate about giving back and serving our community.”

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