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Harlem Artisan Market
Noticing the challenges immigrants and street vendors face, Safari Yangu, with no funding or external support, collaborated with numerous vendors in order to form a working group to help mitigate some of these challenges.
Burundi Peace Rally
Amnesty International Chapter Cedar Crest College Chapter in Pennsylvania organized a peace rally in response to the deepening human rights in Burundi as per the Amnesty International report- “My children are Scared”
Oromo Justice Conference and Rally
Amnesty International Chapter Columbia University Graduate School Chapter in New York organized a Justice Conference and rally in response to the deepening human rights violations against the Oromo and other marginalized groups in Ethiopia as per the Amnesty International report- “Because I Am An Oromo”
Anti-Police Brutality Rally In Kenya

Following the excessive use of force by Kenya police in response to peaceful protests by Kenyans who were expressing their lack of trust to the electoral body in charge of elections in Kenya, many Kenyans in the diaspora held a rally in Allentown, Pennsylvania criticizing the action by the Kenyan police.

Candlelight and Prayer Vigil for The Lives Lost In The Shootings
Amnesty International, the office of the Mayor of Allentown, Cedar Crest College, and the Lehigh Valley County Police came together in support of peace in the City of Allentown following several police shootings in Minnesota, Baton Rouge, and Dallas.

Refugee Documentary

Since November 2015, Nick Ogutu has been filming the resettlement process of one refugee family from Congo. It is an ongoing project but preliminary findings already challenge the narrative of refugees not being productive members of the local communities in which they resettle. This project is in need of additional resources for completion and Nick hopes the documentary will be a good resource for schools, colleges, and research institutions. 

Freelance Media: Immigrants & Refugees
Many refugees and immigrants face challenges in navigating the community and locating the resources and services when they arrive in the U.S. Nick created a YouTube channel with short videos of interviews with local leaders and "how-to" videos to navigate the process of acquiring services like library cards, health insurance, or public transportation.
Nyomala Center of Hope
For more than 10 years, Nick has worked with several local communities in Kenya to advance literacy, sports and culture. The Nyomala Soccer team has been very successful and they are the current defending champions of Ombeyi Football tournament. 
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