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Curriculum Vitae

Nick Ogutu


To use my human rights work experience and skills as a human rights advocate and community organizer to be the voice of the marginalized, oppressed and discriminated around the world.


Columbia University, New York, NY                                                   Master of Science in Social Work - May 2017

Migration and Refugee studies


Cedar Crest College, Allentown, PA                                                  Bachelor of Arts - May 2016

Social work/Psychology- graduated with honors


Lehigh Carbon Community College, Schnecksville, PA                 Associate of Arts - May 2015

General Studies- graduated with honors


Northampton Community College, Bethlehem, PA                       Associate of Arts - May 2014

Social Work- graduated with honors


Kenya Institute of Management, Nairobi, Kenya                            Two year college diploma - June 2006

Business Management

Awards and Distinctions

1. Merit Scholarship, Columbia University School of Social Work, 2016-2017


2. Student Volunteer of the Year, Cedar Crest College, Pennsylvania, May 2016

3. Student Leadership Award, Cedar Crest College, Pennsylvania, May 2016


4. Student Speaker Award, Lehigh Carbon Community College, May 2015

Professional Experience

New York Immigration Coalition (NYIC)                                                                       September 2016 to June 2017

Research/Outreach Fellow 


  • Expanded the scope of NYIC outreach to immigrant communities throughout Hudson Valley

  • Conducted demographic assessments of black immigrant communities to identify where these communities reside

  • Determine effective ways to connect Black immigrant to existing organizations providing immigration assistance

  • Responsible for conducting needs assessments for communities which have been historically marginalized, under-resourced and under-organized

  • Planned and organized the inaugural Black immigrant roundtable meeting where communities had the opportunity to network and exchange information about available resources


Lutheran Refugee Services, Allentown, PA                                                                           August 2015 to May 2016

Refugee Resettlement Fellow

  • Conducted fundraising outreach to increase financial resources of Lutheran Refugee Services

  • Received refugees from the airport

  • Linked refugees to immediate services such as health screening, housing and social security acquisition

Nyasudi Printing Agencies (Nairobi Kenya)                                                                          Feb 1998 to March 2010

Chairman and Executive Director


  • Direct the company vision

  • Source and maintain capital and human resources

  • Business development by providing the link between Nyasudi Agencies and strategic potential clients

  • Head of Nyasudi Benevolence Fund

Volunteer Work

Amnesty International USA, Cedar Crest College Chapter                                                 Fall 2014 to Spring 2016

Founder and Chapter's President

  • Link and communicate our chapter activities with the national office in New York

  • Call and preside of all meetings

  • Represent the chapter to all coordinating meetings with the Student Activities Office, and Student Government Association

  • Keep the faculty advisor informed of all current activities


Amnesty International USA, Group 347, Bethlehem, PA                                                     Spring 2014 to Summer 2016

Member/Consultant Advisor

  • Facilitating workshops on African issues, mainly Kenya

  • Representing the group in regional and national conferences.

  • Advancing the ideals of Amnesty International in schools and colleges


Habitat for Humanity Restore, Lehigh Valley, PA                                                                    February to May 2014

  • Accompanying the organization’s lorry to collect donated building material and household items

  • Receiving and processing donated items

  • Sales at the store

  • Customer service


Lutheran Refugee Services, Allentown, PA                                                                                   July to August 2015


  • Organized the refugee summer picnic

  • Conducted community outreach for in-kind donations

  • Received refugees from the airport and linked them to immediate services such as health screening, housing and social security acquisition

Vijana Wetu (Nyomala Hope Center), Kisumu, Kenya                                                                   1995 - present

Outreach Secretary

  • Link the group with other organizations

  • Lobby for funds and resources from elected leaders, local government and the Kenya National Youth Fund

  • Coordinate the activities of the village “diaspora” (diaspora here refers to members of the village who work or do business in other parts of the country)


Founder and President, Columbia University Graduate School Amnesty International Chapter, 2016-2017

Lead organizer, Oromo Justice Conference and Rally, Columbia University, New York, March 2017

Lead Organizer, Burundi Peace Rally, Allentown, Pennsylvania, 2016                   

Lead Organizer, Candle Light vigil and Prayer Rally after police shootings in Dallas, Minnesota and Baton Rouge,

Allentown, Pennsylvania, July 2016

Founder and President, Amnesty International Cedar Crest College Chapter, Pennsylvania, 2014-2016


2017 - Amnesty International USA Special Initiative Fund

Oromo Justice Conference and Rally

Amount Awarded - $ 1,600

2015 - Allentown Church of Christ, Pennsylvania

College tuition at Cedar Crest College

Amount Awarded - $ 12,000


2016 - Burundi Peace Rally in Allentown

Amnesty International USA Special Initiative Fund

Amount Awarded - $1,500


President’s office - Cedar Crest College, Pennsylvania

Amount Awarded - $ 1,700


Vice Presidents Office - Cedar Crest College, Pennsylvania

Amount Awarded - $500


Invited Guest at Conferences

May 2017 - Columbia University Teacher’s College Annual Magazine Launch

April 2017 - Rights & Justice in Collaboration with Activists & Community Members- Columbia University Teachers College

April 2017 - Featured guest speaker: StorySpace@Columbia - "Belonging" (starts at 26:00)

April 2017 - Developing Defenders - University of the Bahamas - Bahamas

February 2017 - Rights of Immigrants and Refugees Seminar at All Souls Church, New York

March 2016 - Burundi Peace Rally - Allentown Pennsylvania

January 2016 - Committee member for Black History Month Celebration in Allentown, PA

Personal Projects

Freelance social media journalist

  • Recording and broadcasting the Kenyan Community activities

  • Seeking appointment and interviewing local leaders (City Mayors, Senators, Representatives)heads of local institutions (public libraries, hospitals, County Assistance offices) and immigrants in academia and business within the local communities.

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